My grandmother was a photographer and I remember following her around and watching her take pictures.  Back then we would have to drop off the film and wait for it to get developed. I will be honest and admit that this was even before one hour photo!  It was exciting to go pick up the pictures.  I wanted to be the first one to open the envelope and see the magic grandma created.  I was hooked on capturing life, moments, feelings... memories.

Things have changed a lot since then.  You don't have to drop off film and wait for it to get developed.  Photoshop has even made it possible to remove the grass stain on the knee of those pants, that were pristine at the start of the photo session.  Advances in cameras and software is nothing short of amazing!

What still remains though, is my passion for photography, that only grows more and more every day.  I am truly blessed that my grandmother opened my world to the beauty of capturing nature and life on film.  I am also blessed that my family supports my passion.  

I have always had a camera in hand and been the keeper of the family memories and events.  Until recently I only took pictures for friends and family.  That changed in 2016 when my full-time job went to part-time.  With my family and friends encouragement I decided  it was time to do this!  I hired an accountant, registered my business as an LLC and got business insurance.  I attended school and multiple seminars and have not stopped soaking up knowledge... and equipment - sorry honey! 

My daughter is married and my son has left for college.  They are always in my heart, but now more than ever, I treasure each and every picture I have of them and the memory it represents.  The laughter, joy and sometimes sorrow.  All of it is worth every minute and so much a part of our family story.  I am glad that I had the ability to capture it.  I would love to help you do the same.  The time goes so quickly but capturing the treasured moments  truly makes the memories last longer.

Thankful  ♥  Grateful  ♥  Blessed

 -Jennifer Holt

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